High Grade Fused Silica Powder- Micron Powder First Grade High Whiteness with High Purity,Mainly used in Investment Casting, Silicon Rubber. (5UM,7UM&15UM)

Short Description:

Also called A grade Fused silica Powder with high purity Sio2 around 99.7%-99.9%.

High purity quartz stone from Lianyungang,Donghai and Xinyi area was selected as raw material. After pickling treatment, the crystalline silica was transformed into amorphous silica with a small amount of impurity at 1700ºC high temperature in the resistance furnace. After special mechanical processing, screening, iron removal after picking treatment of high purity quartz stones for the formation of blocks, particles and powder products. Fused Micron powder selected the high purity quartz material,which made by terms of purification, grinding,melting,super grinding, precision classification.

Product Detail

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1. Near zero thermal expansion, extremely low thermal conductivity.
2. Excellent thermal stability.
3. High purity (the SiO2 content is above 99.8%).
4. Chemical properties are stable.
5. General mechanical production, particle size for angle type.


II. Main Areas of Application for Micron Powder

The Micron Powder mainly used in electronic sealing,paint,coating,Silican rubber,investment casting and high-grade electrical insulation and so on.


III. Basic Parameters

Bulk Density :2.2 g/m3
Hardness :7
Softening Point :1700°C
Melting Point :1750°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion :0.1
PH value :6


IV. Chemical Composition

  Guaranteed Value Typical Values
SiO2 99.7%min 99.91%
Al2O3 500ppmmax 360ppm
Fe2O3 500ppmmax 150ppm


1.Our MOQ is 20 Ton, if you need small quantity we can also provide you the best EXW price with best service. We have several packing skills for Fused silica products,25kg bags,50kgs bag and 1000kg jumbo bags, and 25kg bag with export standard pallet packing .We normally delivery the fused silica with a 20ft container which can load 20-25 ton per container.


2.The color of the A grade fused silica sand and powder products normally is white and the Fused silica block is transparent with high purity as A grade, the best quality high purity without any black dots.
3.All of our Fused silica products are meet the standard of SGS and ISO certification.

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