Fused Silica Sand Second Grade (also known as B grade)

Short Description:

Also Called Fused Quartz Grain  Also called B grade Fused silica Sand with high purity Sio2 around 99.4%-99.7%,Characterized by Excellent air Permeability and easy Mold Filling.

For the shell made of Fused silica sand and powder instead of zirconium sand and powder , its aire permeability is obviously better than that of ordinary shells, and insufficient casting of small thin-wall castings and shrinkage, shrinkage catity and porosity of casting can be obviously improved.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. Near zero thermal expansion, extremely low thermal conductivity.
2. Excellent thermal stability.
3. High purity (the SiO2 content is above 99.5%).
4. Chemical properties are stable.
5. Special machinery production, particle size close to circular, large packing density, stable particle size distribution.


II. Main Areas of Application for Fused silica sand

Quartz nozzle, quartz crucible for steel industry
Shell-making materials in precision casting
Multi-space cellular ceramics in environmental protection equipment
Various types of crucible


III. Basic Parameters

Bulk Density :2.2 g/m3
Hardness :7
Softening Point :1600°C
Melting Point :1650°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion :0.1
PH value :6


IV. Chemical Composition

Typical Values
SiO2: 99.78%
Al2O3: 200ppm
Fe2O3: 80ppm
Na2O: 50ppm
K2O: 50ppm
TiO2 30ppm
CaO: 30ppm
MgO: 20ppm



V. Availability Specifications

1. Block 0-60 mm
2. Granular

5um 5-3mm 3-1mm 1-0mm
10-20 mesh 20-40 mesh 40-70 mesh
20-50 mesh 200mesh 325 mesh 120 mesh

5um,120mesh 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 500 mesh, 1500 mesh, 3000 mesh
4.We can also customized the specification and size as the clients requirements, as well as the packing and shipping mark.

VI. Options for Packaging

1. 1000 kg per bag with export standard pallet, 1250 kg bag with export standard pallet
2. 25 kg plastic woven bags into a jumbo 1 ton bag , 50 kg plastic woven bags

VII. Other

Particle size distribution controllable, can be produced according to customer granularity requirements.
We can provide customers with further detailed product information and our technical application experience.

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