High Grade Fused Quartz Products Used in Quartz Ceramic Crucible for Polycrystalline Silicon Ingot Casting Area

Short Description:

The ceramic products made of Fused silica are characterized by excellent thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, etc. The products are not only resistant to sudden changes of temperature but also have excellent thermal insulation performance; the Fused silica materials are processed into lightweight thermal insulation products with a thermal insulation effect unmatched by other refractory lightweight thermal insulation products, which have been successfully applied to the metallurgy, building materials, chemical engineering, national defense, scientific research and other departments.

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1. Near zero thermal expansion, extremely low thermal conductivity.
2. Excellent thermal stability.
3. High purity (the SiO2 content is above 99.8%).
4. Chemical properties are very stable.
5. General mechanical production, particle size for angle type.

grade 1

II. Main Areas of Application

The Fused quartz particle mainly used in surface sand and surface powder for precision Casting .electronic sealing,paint,coating,Silican rubber,investment casting and high-grade electrical insulation and so on. High grade quartz nozzle,Filling materials including epoxy resin casting, electronic sealing,paint, coating,etc.

III. Basic Parameters

Bulk Density :2.2 g/m3
Hardness :7
Softening Point :1700°C
Melting Point :1750°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion :0.1
PH value :6

IV. Chemical Composition

  Guaranteed Value Typical Values
SiO2 99.7%min 99.91%
Al2O3 500ppmmax 360ppm
Fe2O3 500ppmmax 150ppm

V. Availability Specifications

We have over 10 years production experience in precision casting and refractory materials.
We also offer a modified specification upon client requirement,Can be produced customized size and specifications to customer granularity requirements.
◆Products feature
1.With lower dielectric constant; Higher purity, better electrical insulation performance, high whiteness; Very low coefficient of thermal expansion;
3.Excellent shelling performance
4.Excellent air permeability and easy mold filling
5.Low thermal expansivity

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