High-end Fused Silica Powder-Micron Powder


Classification and Preparation Process of Micron Powder
Micron Silicon powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free silica powder which is made of crystalline quartz and fused silica and other raw materials by means of grinding, precision grading, impurity removal, high temperature spheroidization and other processes. It is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, high insulation, low linear expansion coefficient and good thermal conductivity.

Classification and variety of Micron Powder
Available on application: W (SIO2) purity (%) : Ordinary Micron powder (> 99%), Electrical grade Micron powder (> 99.6%), Electronic grade Micron powder (> 99.7%), Semiconductor grade Micron powder (> 99.9%), etc.
By chemical composition:
Pure SIO2 Micron powder, SIO2 as the main component of composite Micron powder.
According to Particle Size Morphology: Angular Micron powder, Spherical Micron powder, etc.
In addition, there can also classification by particle size, surface activity and other ways.


Angular Micron Silicon powder  
According to the type of raw materials can be further subdivided into crystalline Micron powder and FusedMicron powder.  
Crystalline Micron powder is a kind of silica powder material made by quartz block and quartz sand whic is processed by grinding, precision classification and impurity removal. It improves the performance of copper clad plate and epoxy filling material in terms of linear expansion, coefficient and electrical properties.  
Fused Micron powder is made of fused quartz and other materials, and made by means of grinding, precision classification and impurity removal process. The performance is improved a lot compared with crystalline Micron powder.

Spherical Micron Silicon powder  
The spherical Micron dioxide powder material is processed by flame method with selected angular Micron powder as raw material, which has good fluidity, low stress, small specific surface area and bulk density.  
Compared with spherical Micron silicon powder, The production process of angular Micron silicon powder is relatively simple, the application field is low, so the value is relatively low;  Spherical Micron powder has better fluidity, and can be used as filling material to obtain higher filling rate and homogenization. The price is obviously high which is 3-5 times than of angular Micron powder.

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